We set out early this morning as always, not knowing what to expect for the day as Africa can be unpredictable some days.

The main focus for the day was finding some cheetahs. We knew that this was going to be very hard as they were seen the previous day in a certain area that is always hard to find them, so we started the drive in nice manner seeing some plains game such as baby impala as well as a baby zebra.

As we come across the first tracks of the cheetah we also see that some buffalo were in the area so first thing that comes to mind is that the cheetah might have been chased off. Not far from the tracks, we run into the buffalo, still having a nap. Sitting there talking about the buffalo my tracker hears one of the cheetah call so we head to the area.

Not long after starting to follow the cheetah calling, we find the one male, calling out to his brother. While following him around for a bit we suddenly hear calls coming from another direction so we go around to see if we can find the other one and we did. The calling went on for a long time as the to brothers seemed to miss one another each time.

This went on for about 20 minutes after which they finally met up with one another. This was so great to see. One of my guests had tears of joy. This was truly an experience of a life-time to see how cheetahs relocate one another. We stayed with them for about another 10 minutes after they have come together just to watch them interact with one another. To see the bond between cheetah brothers was a great experience for myself and my guests.

Johan (J.T) – Kapama River Lodge

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