Today we were privileged enough to conduct a game walk with several of our guests. A walk is a very different experience to a game drive as it allows us to truly get in touch with our natural surroundings and feel part of the environment rather than just be an observer. On walk today we got to explore a close up view of some of Kapama’s finer details such as the millipede, communal spiders and an aardvark who had dug deeply into a termite mound to dig up the juicy termites below. On top of these we were able to view many more tracks and signs then would be possible from a vehicle. We would follow these tracks and signs which would lead us straight to the antelope we were tracking. This in itself is an experience and sense of accomplishment when you finally find what you have been trakcing.

This opportunity makes guests feel like they are part of what is happening around them and appreciate the smaller things, rather than just want to view Africa’s magnificent big 5. Walks such as these are also more personal as guests are more easily allowed to ask questions and feel closer to the ranger as he/she holds their lives in his/her hands. It is a trust and connection most could not understand until you’ve experienced such an intriguing adventure on foot.


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