One of my favourite animals would have to be the flap-necked chameleon. The flapped-necked chameleon is a large chameleon. Colouration varies, from pale yellow through green shades to brown. These guys also display their colours depending on their moods; a pale green is a sign of content where a darker brown or black is a sign of distress.

The Flap-Necked Chameleon preys on Insects, particularly grasshoppers and beetles. They catch these insects using their camouflage and a long sticky tongue reaching up to 30cm or 12 inches.

Sex identification is relatively easy in the flap-neck chameleon with the mails having broadness at the base of their tails and also has a spur growing out from the back of each hind foot.

After mating, egg development takes 3 – 4 months. The female becomes bloated with 25 – 50 small eggs and she lays them in summer. The eggs may take up to 377 days to hatch in the wild.

Wayne – Kapama River Lodge

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