The last few days have been full of activity!

The elephants have been spending lots of time in the river and reed beds, coming out mostly in the evenings. They have now moved area’s and will probably spend a few days in this area before moving on! In winter elephants tend to feed around water holes and rivers as they need to drink water often.

We have had our hands full with the lions! Due the increasing numbers of Lions and the fact that the pride has split up we have been fortunate to see many different sightings!

Our two adult Lionesses have been hunting and living alone the last few days, while their daughters (all four living together) are becoming adept hunters in their own right – killing two warthogs in one night by themselves!

We have been monitoring the movements of our Lioness with cubs – both cubs are now walking with her and they cover great distances around the reserve! We are yet to see them again and look forward to seeing them soon as they get older.

With the moon waning into the last quarter the evenings are nice and dark again! This means nice sightings of nocturnal animals. We have had good sightings of Aardvark, White-tailed Mongoose, Porcupine, Owls and Bush-babies!

The weather has been fair and we are expecting another cold front to arrive in the next day or so, thus we are not able to pack away the winter woolies yet!

Rangers Story: Hailey Bunge (Kapama River Lodge Ranger)