We as rangers sometimes come across funny moments in the bush that makes for a good chuckle, two of these moments happened on recent game drives. We came across a pride of lions sprawled in the road, the dominant male lion was also present and lying down in the road. His tail was an attractive target for two of the young cubs who could not resist his swinging tail. This was not to his liking and he kept growling at them, however the temptation remained too strong until the male jumped up and sent them scampering.

Another funny moment was when we noticed an African harrier hawk land on a tree top, only to be dive bombed by a Fork tailed drongo time and again. All the Harrier Hawk could do was sway its head out of the way while being annoyed by a much smaller bird. African harrier hawks often raid the nests of other birds and so it’s not popular with most birds!


Sebastiaan Janse van Vuuren

Senior guide

Kapama Main Lodge

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