Lion cubs – three that are around seven months old, and six that are now around two months old

Finding lions is an amazing and rewarding experience, especially when we find our newly extended pride of thirteen lions. My tracker Alfi and I decided to look for this pride so that the guests could see the cubs – three that are around seven months old, and six that are now around two months old.

We went to a dam where they had been spotted the day before. Unfortunately, they were not there. So we followed some tracks as far as we could. Eventually, we lost them in a block. We decided to check another nearby dam. As we came around the corner, there they were – all nine cubs playing and tackling each other.

A few days before, I had seen the three older cubs bullying one of the younger cubs. However, on this day, all six of the younger cubs were giving their older siblings a hard time. When there is just one it is easy for the older cubs to bully the younger ones but when all six are together, the roles are almost reversed.

Encounter between the lioness and the cubs

As we sat there enjoying this amazing sighting, we heard one of the adult females calling from a distance. Immediately, the cubs stop what they are doing to listen. As we turned our heads to the direction of the call, there she was looking at the cubs. She came down next to the water’s edge and all nine cubs ran up to her, rubbed up against her and greeted her with as much love as they could. The love soon changed into playing and jumping all over her.
This encounter between the lioness and all the cubs just shows us how family orientated these big cats are as well as why their bonds are so strong, which in turn contributes to their success in the wilderness. Their dependence and reliance on each other is one of the factors that make them so strong and majestic.

My guests and I will never forget this great encounter between these lions.

Kim Pretorius – Kapama River Lodge