Last night was an eventful evening!

After tracking the Lion pride for a while, they were found on a kill – they had killed an adult female Eland. The Eland is the largest antelope in southern Africa and can weigh about 460-600 kg (?). With there having been enough meat for both adult Lionesses and all 5 cubs they were left passed out in the long grass!

The rest of the evening was successful, producing excellent Rhino, Elephant and a quick Leopard sighting.


This morning was a little warmer and the animals were quite active.

We had another sighting of our new Elephant calf – it is doing well and is not wobbly anymore!

The Lion pride was found next to watering hole lazing in the early morning sun – bellies full! The peace and tranquility was disturbed by the adult male Lion arriving – he fought with the sub-adult male Lion and kept chasing him away from the pride. The sub-adults are now almost 17months old and they will start maturing soon, therefore the young male will be kicked out of the pride soon.

Today’s forecast high is again 27degC and with the fair weather sightings tonight should again be exciting…

Rangers story: Hailey Bunge

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