Within the last week we have been blessed with some amazing sightings. We have seen something of everything. Some of the sightings included:

• Seeing leopards walking next to the vehicle, so close that we can almost hear her breathe.
• A leopard chasing two male cheetahs in the middle of the day.
• Being lucky enough to see a female lion killing a baby warthog.
• Finding three lion cubs of about a three months old playing with each other and testing their courage, coming as close as they dare to the vehicle.
• Getting the opportunity of being charged by a one week old elephant and seeing how clumsy it still is on its feet.
• Finding two porcupines after not seeing them for a while.
• Seeing a face-off between a hippo and a leopard next to the water’s edge.
• Having a fully grown male lion roaring two meters from the vehicle.
• A mother giraffe protecting her new born calf.
• Seeing a cheetah climbing a tree, something that they very seldom do.

And that is not to mention all the rest off the animals that we have found in the last week. This is all a strong reminder of why I love my job and the reason for being in this industry.

Stefan de Weerd

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