Although well represented in places, its shy secretive ways and mainly nocturnal habits are reasons for it being rarely sighted. This is the most widespread of all predators since it has the broadest habitat tolerance of all. Beautiful, powerful and stealthy, it surely is the prize encounter on all game drives.

The leopard‘s method of hunting is stalking and then pouncing onto its prey, taking it by surprise. The large head and neck are essential for holding and subduing the kill, which is often hoisted up a tree to get it out of reach of other predators.

Shoulder height – 28cm
Mass – 37-63kg (Males bigger then females)
Social structure – solitary and territorial
Collective noun – a leap, or lepe of leopards
Gestation – 106 days (3.4months)
Life expectancy – approximately 20 years
Enemies – lion, wild dog, hyena and other leopards

Johan – Kapama River Lodge

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