Many of our clients know Africa to be the home of the famous “Big 5” – Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo and Leopard. Therefore, in order to please them we try and show them these amazing, large animals. So I set out on my game drive with a goal, to see some lions. While we were looking for our pride of lions we came across a dung beetle pushing, or rather trying to push, a ball of buffalo dung. Many do not realise how strong these beetles really are.

As he was struggling to get this ball out of the road, I heard one of my fellow rangers call in a lion sighting. I told my guests about it but to my surprise, they wanted to stay with the dung beetle because it was the first time they had ever seen something like this. So we sat with the dung beetle for about 20 minutes enjoying the sighting and laughing at the poor creature trying to get the ball of dung home.

John – River Lodge

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