Today while out on game drive we had a very interesting encounter. Early this evening before the sun had set we managed to find two lions, a young male and a female, resting next to one of the waterholes. Both were fast asleep on approach, flat cat as we call it, very undisturbed by the rumbling of the vehicle. While watching them the female started to wake and become restless, stretching and yawning. She eventually stood up and began to move off as lions will do in the early evening as the start to become active. Unfortunately for the male he was still very much asleep and when he finally started to wake up he was stunned to find he was suddenly one mate less.

He began to sniff the ground and walk around in circles trying to determine which direction the female had headed. He then began to call for her in a very heart thrilling roar. But she didn’t answer him and he soon became quite confused and distressed wondering around pointlessly. It just shows that even animals can show such emotion and affection for another. I guess men truly are lost without woman.



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