17 September 2010
By Eduan Balt

Our morning started off with following up on some amazing signs of Big 5 from the night before in a lot of the different areas within the Kapama reserve.

The morning of the 15th of September we stumbled upon a fully grown male lion and lioness that was busy mating next to one of the more scenic dams in our reserve. We were fortunate enough to be granted with their permission to witness this normally very secretive event, and also to be allowed so close to the majestic and enormous cats. It did not last all that long as the lioness was not showing too much interest in the male at the time. We then decided to leave them to themselves and would allow them their natural space.

We did not even move all that far away from the lion sighting when we gratefully also entered into a rather large buffalo herd of I guess maybe 300 or maybe 400 hundred buffalo. You can just draw this picture in your mind to understand the magnitude of our finding. My guests were dumbstruck seeing these nearly 1 ton creatures moving in front of them straight toward the water for a well deserved cool down session with dust clouds from here to the sun. Was something to experience?

These 2 great sightings also went hand in hand with marvelous bird watching and great interactions with our planes game and hippo down at the river…