It all started one afternoon when I was running a bit late, so I forgot to bring my camera along.

I always have my camera on me because you never know when you will have an experience of a lifetime. We were driving around, not knowing what to look for, when I heard there was a herd of elephants about 1 km away from where I was. When we got there they were all in the water, playing so we sat there for about 20 minutes.

After we left the elephants, I heard the lionesses – they were about 3km away so we decided to make our way there. We found them and followed them off-road for a while. Unfortunately, we slowly lost visual of them.

But then surprisingly, I heard the cry off a warthog; I knew the lions had caught it for dinner. So we tried to find them again, driving up and down towards the direction of the warthog’s painful screams. Finally, we found them on the warthog kill.

An amazing way to end off a safari.
Bryan – Kapama River Lodge

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