Myself explaining a flap-necked chameleon

Very often as rangers and trackers we are so busy working to enhance our guests’ safari experience that we very seldom have time to capture any memories of our own. Many rangers are very much involved in their photography being that we live amongst some of the most beautiful creatures on earth. But most photographs are not of ourselves but of the wildlife in front of us. Unlike our guests who come to Africa to experience the holiday of a lifetime, we are still working, regardless of how amazing our work is. We cannot stop to take as many photographs as we’d like as we are busy providing information or intently watching for behavioral changes. As much as we love our work and strive to be out in the wild as much as possible, we so seldom have anything to show for it.

This is where our guests come in. Many times our guests are snapping away with their cameras while we are explaining certain things or watching contently in silence. Guests very often include the ranger and tracker in their photographs without us knowing. The best reward of our job is arriving at work to check your e-mails and find that a previous visitor of Kapama has send through some memories of their stay in Africa. To see so many different photographs of ourselves doing what we love and out in the environment having sun-downers with the perfect background setting is a reward no ranger would say no to.

So, as rangers and trackers, we invite you to provide us with feedback and possibly photographs of your stay with us at Kapama as it gives us the motivation to keep providing you with an experience of a lifetime.

Cindy – Kapama River Lodge

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