These are the animals that are very rarely seen, usually because of their secretive and nocturnal lifestyles.

Many guests that visit game lodges around South Africa will definitely have heard of the big 5, but very few would have heard anything about the secret seven.

So who are these mysterious animals?

The first is a Civet, this is a small cat like animal that looks very similar to a raccoon.

Second is a small or large spotted Genet, this is also a small cat like animal with a very slender black and white body.

Third is the spiky Porcupine.

Fourth is the solitary White Tailed Mongoose.

Fifth is the Caracal, also known as the Desert Lynx.

Sixth is the Aardvark which is also known as the Antbear.

And last but lot least is the Pangolin or Scaly Anteater.

Next time you go on a safari try to see if you guys can spot any of these very elusive and special creatures.

Wayne – River Lodge

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