Many people come to Kapama to view the infamous “Big 5”. Many of them do not realize that there is a large variety of other things that they may see and experience – things that can sometimes be just as amazing and sometimes, even better.

For instance, I was on a safari and came across two Ratels (honey badgers). The Ratel is pound-for-pound one of the most fearless, aggressive and respected animals in the wild. They are known for fighting off animals much larger than themselves, even leopard and lion. These interesting creatures defend themselves by attacking rather than running away.

As we came across the Ratels on the road, I was explaining all this to my guests when one of them pounced onto something that I did not know was there. On closer inspection I saw that it had caught scorpion. He continued to feed on it while his partner stayed close and then got a little too close and tried to steal his hard earned meal. He fought her off and after a lot of growling and a scuffle or two, he resumed feeding.

We sat and watched the two interact for about ten minutes before they made there way off the road and into the bush.

After the sighting one of my guests said “this was the first kill I had ever seen and it was no less spectacular then seeing a lion kill. This just goes to show that the little things in nature really do matter”.

Michael – River Lodge

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