We had a good morning on safari. We watched a herd of elephants drinking and swimming in a watering hole – something that is quite exciting to see. We watched them for quite some time and then decided to stop for a quick coffee break.

While chatting to the guests, I heard some birds giving their alarm call in a nearby tree. So I decided to investigate. The birds were blue waxbills and they were sitting in a buffalo thorn, screaming and shouting at something. As I looked at the one branch, I saw a snake and called over my guests to show them.

The snake was busy eating one of the chicks out of the nest. It was sad but it was interesting to see how the rest of the blue waxbills started to attack the snake with full force. The blue waxbill is a very small bird and to see the courage of such a small creature was quite amazing to see.

My guests were also intrigued by this behvaiour.

It was good to see that guests can also enjoy the smaller things in the African bush.

Harry – Kapama River Lodge

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