What can I say? Whenever we witness such beauty in the bush, it has to be shared and blogged. And the animal in question tonight is no stranger to blog stories.

Two nights in a row we have been blessed to see the magnificent leopard male. Monday evening it was casually walking northwards going about his business, smelling the ground and trying to catch insects as they flew away. The best part for me was the fact that an animal whose whole being revolves around not being seen; this one paid absolutely no attention to us as we witnessed him going about his daily life.

Unfortunately with animals walking, they tend do go through bush that is impossible to drive through. But that is the way it is and we consider ourselves lucky to see it in the first place.

On the following evening one of the other safari groups found that same leopard sleeping on top of a termite mound, and he continued to do so for almost the complete duration of our game drive time. Again showing the same complete lack of interest in these big noisy objects approaching and departing from where he was enjoying his late afternoon nap, only to lift his head occasionally to look in the direction of an interesting sound.

This gave us the opportunity to take pictures that looked very professional with less than adequate cameras. This was definitely an evening and a week to remember – absolutely amazing times in Africa.

Jacques Beukes – Kapama River Lodge

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