It all started as a normal morning game drive when we left river lodge. Fortunately for us the luck was on our side. Our first sighting was some Buffalo at a water hole early that morning and shortly after, we also saw three rhino. It was a great start and my guests were very pleased, but little did we know what was lying ahead…

 As we drove, Collen, my tracker pointed out some lion tracks, it was two females. We followed the tracks for about 10 minutes when we suddenly saw the two lionesses lying down in some bushes beside the road. The visual wasn’t great so we decided to drive closer. After a couple of minutes they walked slowly away from us and as they were walking, there it was, the moment of the day, 1……2……3 little lion cubs, probably one and a half months old, running around, playing with each other. We were so lucky to see them. They were so relaxed with us in their surroundings; we enjoyed the true show of nature. After all the excitement of watching them and guests taking pictures we left them in peace. Collen and I were the first on Kapama to find these newborn cubs and since that day no one has seen them. Not that I believe something has happened to them, lionesses just take very good care of their young and hide them away from the world until it is time for them to explore.. Can’t wait to see them again!!!!!!

 Story by: Janco du Plessis-Kapama River Lodge Ranger

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