After the two days of them having disappeared, we found the southern male lion and one of the females, yesterday together, next to the dam. As we approached the sighting, the male did not show his appreciation for us being there. He started growling at the vehicle, which is not his normal behaviour. As I stopped the car the female stood up, the male shifted the focus from us to her and he followed her for few seconds. They then they started mating, which is a privilege to see. My guests asked if they would see them again today so we decided to go find them again, but when we got to the sighting, they were they were gone. As we looked around, we realized that there were more than the two tracks we were looking for – the male from the north came to that area as well. We followed his tracks that were on top of the other two lions. We could see from the tracks that they were engaged in a fight, but we decided to follow them to see what the outcome was. Finally, we found them mating again, but this time it was the male from the north mating with the same female. We could just conclude that the southern male was defeated. This means, therefore, that the male from the north is still the dominant one.

Story by Nelson (River Lodge)

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