It’s always exciting to watch a hunt take place. Whether it’s a leopard or a lion or something smaller like a black-backed jackal or a caracal. No matter what the predator, the hunt is something that invites excitement and something inside of us almost comes alive. Like some ancient instinct of our ancestors, the hunter gathers, kicks in and we almost become a part of the hunt itself. A reminder of a time when we were the predators.

Tonight on drive we were privileged to witness one male lion and two lionesses attempt a hunt. Unfortunately they were not successful but being a part of watching them go from relaxed, to aware, to stalking and finally to chasing is an experience one cannot afford to miss. The lions were relaxed and sleepy as all lions are in the late afternoon. As the sun began to set they became active and started walking along the road until they came across a large herd of blue wildebeest and zebra grazing casually on the open plains. Immediately they went into stalk mode and crouched down and started sneaking forward. They managed to get close but as they pounced into action the game noticed too quickly and were gone before the lions could respond. An unsuccessful hunt but a thrilling experience.


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