We began our game drive at 16:30 and started looking for some general game as it was the first game drive for these guests. We were driving for about 20 minutes when I heard that they had just found a leopard. I decided to respond to the leopard sighting as it is the hardest of the big 5 to find. I started to make my way but just before I got there, the ranger that was in the sighting at that stage said that the leopard had ran as fast as its legs could take it, for no apparent reason. I then decided to try and relocate the leopard with no luck, unfortunately. I left the area and was gone for about 10 minutes, when someone said that they had found a male lion in the same area as the leopard. This made sense to me as only reason that I could think of as to why the leopard would run away as fast as he could was because the male lion in the same area, chasing him out of his territory.

Story by Bryan (River Lodge)

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