Today was a wonderful day! Before we left the lodge, we had a slight drizzle starting. All of my guests put on the ponchos I offered them and we set off for game drive. Not long after we started, the drizzle stopped and the sun came out. Our first sighting was of two of our female lionesses. We followed them through the dry riverbed but unfortunately lost visual, so we then left to see if we could find some rhinos. We managed to find some tracks and tracked them for a while but came up with nothing. Suddenly, we noticed that the sky was turning dark again when we looked up – it looked like the heavens were about to open up and pour down on us… But we were still on the search for our rhino. I then heard on the radio that three rhinos had been found, so I made my way to the sighting. When we got there, however, the lighting started its grand performance so we couldn’t stay long with them. Shortly after getting there, we had to turn around as it was time to go back to the lodge due to the thunderstorm that had just started. Just as we got back, the years first rain came down to bring new life into the bush!

Story by Bryan (River Lodge)

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