Most people don’t realize the importance of our trackers.

My tracker’s name is Alfred, he is 46years old and has 5 children.

He has worked in the bush for nearly 14 years, he started off at anti poaching and 2 years ago started tracking at river lodge.

What most people don’t realize is that he is also my best friend here in the bush, we spend roughly 6 hours a day together.

I cherish times when start talking about the latest news, animal behavior and his life story.

Whenever I get time I ask him to tell me about the dangerous encounters he had living in the bush, about his family and about his history.

He once made me laugh so much, I almost choked on hot chocolate when we stopped for coffee. He is one of the most gentle people I’ve ever came across, and patients that will last him the rest of his life.

Its amazing being able to fully rely on him when we go off-roading for lions, to direct me  and to get me there without driving into a warthog hole or driving into a knobthorn.

I can reverse by only looking at him, now that is trust. I am pretty sure he wants to leave me in the middle of nowhere every now and then. But he bites his lip and carries on.

I am forever grateful for him… 

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