The last Rangers from the Track and Sign group finished their Trailing Assessments on Friday. In then end we had three Rangers with a Trailing Level 1 and one Ranger with a Trailing Level 2. That gives the group, four Trackers and one Ranger with a full Level 2 Tracking Certificate, three Rangers with a full Tracker 1 Certificate, and one Tracker with a Trailing Level 1. Our assessor, Collin, told us when handing out our certificates, that he has assessed people who have been in the Guiding Industry for over 10 years and they were unable to complete a Level 1, so we all must be proud, which we are. A big thank you to Collin for taking his time to teach and assess all of us and a job well done to all nine of us for completing the course!

By: Noelle DiLorenzo – River Lodge Ranger

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