On safari in Africa people tend to focus a lot on the animals that are notorious, especially the “Big 5”. True, they do play a major part of the safari experience and do attract all of us to the bush. But we tend to forget about the smaller things, living and non-living. A lot of times the smaller things give away the location of the bigger and more notorious animals.

For instance, the red-billed ox peckers help guide us to many of the big mammals like rhino, giraffe, kudu and impala. Broken branches and fallen down trees usually lead us to elephants, and the alarm calls of different birds and other mammals give away the area where the predators might be busy hunting or walking.

This allows us as guides and trackers the privilege and opportunity to show these wonderful signs and sightings to the people visiting our wonderful country and especially the lowveld. It also allows many people to realize how all the small things come together in nature as well as the roles that various things play, whether it be big or small.

F.W – Kapama River Lodge

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