Animals, just like humans, have personalities. Think about your dog at home – some days your dog is beyond excited about anything and the next, he might be laying in his basket, having what we as humans would call an “off” day. As rangers, we constantly see the behaviour of the animals and their reactions to different situations. These situations could include the weather, environment around them or hormonal influences. We have so many guests asking us everyday whether all the videos they have seen about animals attacking people are true, and whether things like that happen to us. Even though we do see many amazing things, we have been taught to be aware of our surroundings, especially when we are out in the bush. People who are going on safari for the first time are usually quite nervous and underestimate the sheer size and power some of these animals have. I have had many guests who are full of confidence while we’re driving around, but as soon as we’re near some lions, they’re suddenly pushing themselves as far into their seats as it will allow. Our animals are beautiful, and no doubt, could instill fear in anyone, but, if you know how to pick up the subtle hints they give off as warning signs, your safari experience (whether in a private reserve with a qualified ranger, or when you are driving yourself around a national park) will be more amazing than you could have ever imagined. When you are ready to go on safari, keep in mind that the animals have good days and bad days, too, and try pick a place where you will feel comfortable enough enjoying them from a distance where you and the animals feel happy. Don’t ever push animals, because then you could just land up being the star of yet another video on the internet. Enjoy your safari, and remember that the animals are not dangerous – only the people who don’t know how to behave around them!

Story by Angie (River Lodge)

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