We all know that sometimes you have to be at the right place at the right time to experience an awesome encounter with wildlife in nature. But some times with a bit of luck and patience, things happen when you least expect it!

On one of my morning game drives we set out to go look for our big male lion and the lioness. After about 40 minutes we found fresh tracks and signs of them and decided to follow up. Driving up and down trying to locate these magnificent beasts, we came across a number of general game. Giraffes, Kudu, Blue Wildebeest and some Warthog were standing all spread out over open grassland. After an hour and a half searching for the lions we decided we are going to have a short coffee stop while viewing a herd of Waterbuck grazing on the plains. I stopped at a perfect area with the mountains in the back ground packed out the picnic table and started serving my guest some coffee, tea and rusks.

While enjoying the refreshments and taking in the beautiful scenery, two male cheetahs walked straight into our coffee stop not even paying any attention to us! Both of them had their eyes fixed on the Waterbuck, and before we could even jump back in the vehicle the chase was on! We quickly got back in the vehicle and followed the cheetahs as they ran full speed towards the Waterbuck herd. All of a sudden a dust cloud and they have pulled down a young Waterbuck!

 What a sighting! We spent about 20min with these amazing predators while they fed of the carcass! I will never forget this innocent coffee stop!

 Erich Jamneck


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