Yesterday I went on an afternoon safari with three Indian guests on their first trip to South Africa. The afternoon started slowly with a few brief sightings of Cape Buffalo bulls and two skittish White Rhino, who took one look at us and fled into the bush with their comical little tails curled up. Then our head ranger, Dean, called on the radio saying that the had the male lion and he was following it. We headed straight for the area and found that the male had led them to a female lion with three cubs who were feeding on a fresh kudu kill. We managed to see the cubs and the female but the male had eluded us. Knowing him, he would not have gone far.

On the way back to the lodge we saw a serval which the inexperienced guests tried to convince me that they were looking at a leopard cub. Respect also managed to spot at least three chameleons, who were fast asleep on various bushes. It was now time for dinner under the stars, warmed by a bushveld fire.

Sebastiaan Jansen van Vuuren

Senior ranger

Kapama Main Lodge

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