On one of my night drives, I had guests from one of the other lodges that spent a night at river lodge. At the other lodge they had already seen 4 of the big 5 – lion, leopard, buffalo and elephant. So I knew I had to try find rhino and something rare.

I went out to look for rhino. After driving for 20 minutes on fresh tracks I took a corner and there they were standing in the middle of road, as if they were waiting for us to find them.

After viewing them for a good 30 minutes, we decided to move on to see what other suppressers were in stall for us. An hour and a half went by so we decided to make our way back slowly.

Just before we turned onto the road to the lodge, a surprise visitor walked out of the bush. It was a spotted hyena coming to see what this big object in the road was. The hyena decided to have closer look – a real close look – walking around the car. After a good 15 minutes we decided it was time to go back to the lodge. Nothing could beat that.

Bryan – River Lodge