As it starts to get dark,look over to the west (where the sun sets) for the very bright
“evening star” Venus is so bright it can be seen in the twilight.Venus is the 3rd
Brightest object in the sky (after the Sun and Moon) venus appears so incredibly bright because it is completely covered by white cloud,it is also closer to the Sun,and comes closer to the earth than any other planet.It takes 7 months to go around the Sun,as opposed to the 12 months it takes Earth.
You will also see Jupiter rising above the Eastern horizon as another extremely bright star.It takes Jupiter almost 12 years to go around the Sun,causing it to go through a 13
Month cycle of visibility,it is visible in the evening sky for about 6 months of it’s cycle.It is the 4th brightest object in the night sky after the Sun,Moon and Venus and brighter than any night time star.Jupiter is the King of Solar systems,more massive than all the other planets put together,it is 11 times the diameter,and 300 times the mass of the Earth
Clive Carelse.

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