While out on drive last night we got word of a single lioness at one of the waterholes not too  far from the lodge. We decided to go and have a look and on our way there found three 1 year old cubs also heading in the females’ direction. We could hear their soft grunts and we knew mom was most probably calling from the waterhole and they were answering. They eventually reunited with mommy and settled down for a drink of water.  Very soon after, the peace and quiet was disturbed by to young elephant bulls “bullying” their way to the waters edge.

The lions gave way as one could clearly see they are not in the mood two be pushed around by the two boisterous youngsters. We watched the elephants for a wile, and decided to leave and follow up on the lions we just saw. Big was our surprise to find them on a warthog kill.  It is always interesting to watch them squabble over the food and believe me, it can get quite messy… The lioness must have made the kill a bit earlier, ate some, and then called the cubs in for their “dinner”. We stayed there watching for a wile, and then left for some sustenance of our own after all the action.

Sebastiaan JV Vuuren – Kapama Lodge Ranger

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