On the 9th of June this year, we welcomed two newly-released female cheetahs onto our property. With female cheetahs being solitary animals (unless accompanied by cubs), they split up immediately and have been moving around all over discovering their new home. This has lead to a lot more interesting sightings for us as guides and our guests.

Following their every move, we were anxious to see how they were settling in, and how soon they would meet up with the two males. So far, so good! A couple of days ago, we found one of the males together with the older female. We haven’t seen them together since that day, but this is a good sign that they are now aware of each other. We hope to find them together again soon, and that we will be able to tell you about some new additions to the Kapama family in the near future. Watch this space…

Maggie – River Lodge Ranger

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