Last night’s game drive was a cracker, our first sighting was of a large African wild cat tom that was strangely active considering it was still daylight, and these shy, elusive cats are usually active after sunset so seeing him during the late afternoon was quite a treat! Off to a good start.

 Little did we know there was more excitement to come, after stopping for drinks and a breathtaking sunset, we donned our warm jackets and set off into the cold African night, only to be rewarded with a sighting of a female leopard resting lazily on a branch of a Marula tree.

 I didn’t think we could better what we had seen so far but as we headed back to the lodge an aardvark (ant bear) crossed the road in front of us allowing us a great view of the entire animal, more often than not we only get glimpses of them as they disappear into long grass or thick bush.

 And last but certainly not least we saw 3 porcupines foraging along the road just south of the lodge finishing off our game drive beautifully.

 Story by:  Ryan Roodt-Kapama River Lodge Ranger

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