We had one of the most amazing game drives today.  On the way out, the general game was great.  My fellow rangers got three different leopard sightings by the time we stopped for sundowner drinks.  After drinks we went and looked for the lions and got them at a watering whole.  While we sat there two buffalo bulls started chasing them around, an elephant bull walked up to us while this was happening and started showing interest in the lions.  Now we have buffalo and elephant after the five lionesses. We followed them for fifty meters and there in the middle of the plain three rhino were, it just got better and better as we sat there.  The buffalo feeling a bit intimidated walked off into the distance and the elephant started chasing the rhino…….this went on for the next twenty minutes to half an hour.  The lionesses started stalking the elephant and the rhino when the elephant turned around and chased them off.  For the first time in my life we saw four of the big five interacting with one another in less than an hour all in a hundred meter radius, making this game drive the most amazing game drive so far.

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