A safari is something where one can expect the unexpected. Many of our customers believe that going out on a safari means that you will see many animals but this is not always the case.

On this day, it was a very quiet drive – we did not even see an impala. At last we found something exciting! Two male cheetahs were busy suffocating a small kudu. My guests were so excited that they could not take pictures but instead were witnessing this act of nature.

As the guests started taking pictures and as the small kudu took its last breaths, a big male lion arrived and chased the two cheetahs off of their kill. The lion dragged his newly attained meal into a donga (a drainage line).

We tried to follow but with no luck. After this amazing excitement, we decided to make our way back to the lodge. To our amazement, we spotted another cheetah (a female) on a kill of her own.

What a surprise!

John – Kapama River Lodge

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