Hi all, once again.

I just had an amazing group of guests leave today, amazing family and friends all travelling together.
The reason for my title “where are the LIons?” is because we spent 4 whole game drives searcing high and low for these amazing cats, eventually when we were starting to lose all hope of seeing a lion. This morning, the guests
final day with us, guess what we stumble across? Yes the male lion
sleep soundly under a tree looking like he hadn’t missed us at all.

It turned out to be an amazing sighting, with massive smiles on the kids faces, even my tracker “Jeff” had a huge smile of relief on his face, i’m pretty sure that i had that same smile on mine!

Amazing times in the African bush once again.

The only thing predictable about nature is how unpredictable it is.

That quote comes true everyday for us game rangers here on Kapama, as you never know what animal or supprise is lurking around the next corner!

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