The other morning I woke up, to a fantastic sunrise and the sound of the male lion roaring in the distance, one problem though, I had a serious headache, which is never convenient when you have to work with guests, answering loads of questions and always trying to be on your best form!


I told my tracker “Willies” that for this drive he has to be extra alert because I was a bit “under the weather” so to speak, and thought I might be going down with a mild bout of tick bite fever…!


The show must go on however, and he told me not to worry and went running off into the bush?


Coming back with a hand full of dried out elephant dung, he says to me that I should light it and let it smolder under my nose and it would take my headache away.


Thinking he was a little crazy, “after all who would actually sniff dung?” I did it, and unbelievable as it may sound, after 2 min of inhaling the smoke from the dung, my headache was gone and I was good to go.


We all had an amazing safari that morning, my headache forgotten!


Thanks “Willies”


Till next time






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