This is a question we as rangers get on a regular basis from our guests. As we drive out into the bush on safari we drive past many triangular shaped heaps of soil. “What is this?” This is a termite mound; the worker termites will build this architectural masterpiece by combining their saliva and the soil around them to form and shape this strange creation.

All of the termites will live and feed inside this mound, and this is where the animal that makes the holes on the side of the mound come into the picture. This animal is called an Aardvark, also known as an Antbear. An Aardvark feeds almost exclusively on termites, using its sharp sense of smell to locate his food. He then makes use of very long and sharp claws to dig open the termite mounds. An average Aardvark can consume up to 50 000 termites in an evening, and will leave a big hole in the mound after doing so.

These holes will later be utilized and form homes for many other animals such as Warthogs, Porcupines, different species of snakes and reptiles, just to name a few.

Wayne – Kapama River Lodge

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