All my guests arrived early this afternoon for game drive and all of them very keen very keen to start their first adventure into bush. The first 30 minutes of game drive was very quite as the wind was blowing quite  strongly This often unsettles the animals and they go into hiding among the thicker vegetation to avoid the wind. After a while we eventually found some elephant tracks which we started following. These took us in a figure of 8 and as we continued we eventually found the tail end of the elephant herd as they grazed among the tree line. The sighting was magnificent. Among the herd there was a youngster who was running around after one of the older females which had a branch in her mouth. She was trying to keep the fresh shoots to herself, but through his persistence she finally gave in and shared her branch with him. We watched the herd as the sun started setting over another amazing day in the African Bush.
Story by: Richard Venter-Kapama River Lodge Ranger

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