The summer months are just about coming to an end now, with the cooler months pulling in fast. The time for the jackets and beanies is here. Along with the winter coming we say goodbye to all our summer visitors, especially all our birds such as the beautiful woodlands kingfisher, the different cuckoo species as well as some of our far traveling eagles! And with our winter coming we say hello to all our smaller nocturnal cats such as the elusive serval (Felis serval)  and beautiful caracal which we battle to see in summer because of the long grass and plentiful water supply! So, all in all the bush is at the verge of a big change as we say goodbye to summer and welcome winter and all its wonders. All our young impala and wildebeest and buffalo and warthogs are all growing up and hopefully will be strong enough to pull through the winter.

By Joshua Beaton, Kapama Riverlodge Ranger.

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