I enjoy the winter night drives more than those in summer…

The reason for this is very simple. In the winter months the bush might seem dead with no colour. But if you look just a bit closer you will see that the seemingly dead bush is alive with all kinds of animals.

Things like the Small Spotted Genet, African Civet and the Aardvark are just a few of these secretive creatures. It is also a bit easier to see the magnificent Leopard which is one of the most elusive of the ‘Big 5’ too see.

But for me personally, I find that the smaller animals are a lot more interesting to see. Of course, it is always a privilege to see the big cats, such as Lion and Leopard, but the small cats play just as an important part in the bush as the big cats!

In the summer months it is just too thick to be able to see these shy, small creatures. This is why I enjoy the winter nights, although it is nice and cold.

But as always, I’m not going to reveal all. I will leave that adventure for when you make your visit to Kapama.

Stefan de Weerd

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