The past 10 days or so have seen some amazing sightings for my guests, my Tracker, and myself. In four nights, we saw 63 different species of birds, 44 of which were new species for my Birder Ross. We had a Leopard cub stalking a herd of Buffalo and multiple Lion and Elephant sightings and a couple of Spotted Hyena as well. A few days later new guests and I watched three of the four Lioness sisters hunting Warthog and just barely missing killing one right in front of the vehicle. The other night other guests and I watched three Lions feed on a young Giraffe carcass while Blacked-Backed Jackal waited in the background to try and pilfer some meat and had the same Leopard cub get revved up a tree by a male Waterbuck. Last night our large male Lion roared several times while sitting serenely on a dam wall and this morning a female Lion repeated the performance. Many many more wild and wonderful experiences occurred during these very cold nights and warm days as all the animals on Kapama seem to be adjusting to winter in the most wonderful ways!

By: Noelle DiLorenzo – River Lodge Ranger

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