World Female Ranger Day

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World Female Ranger Day, in its 2nd year of existence, is celebrated on 23 June.  It hopes to amplify the female presence protecting wildlife. This global awareness day aims to celebrate, support and shine a spotlight on women on the frontlines of conservation.

Preserving and protecting the sacred environment Kapama is a part of is our number-one priority and over-arching goal as a reserve. The direct impact that environmental change has on our reserve is a microcosm of the Greater Kruger National Park as a whole. Maintaining the relationship between the reserve and its ecosystem helps ensure that the natural functioning of the reserve is not disturbed and that our national parks as a whole remain largely untouched and intact for future generations. That responsibility is in our hands and we have ongoing mechanisms, systems and ways that this plays out every day on the reserve.

Kapama women's month field guides
Kapama guide Queen

From our own anti-poaching unit, to our sustainability projects, Kapama has ongoing initiatives and plans to protect and preserve the Greater Kruger ecosystem which includes education, collaboration and ethical decision-making. This education is not only for the communities in and around Kapama on the importance of wildlife conservation and protection, but also for educating guests about the unique environment they are privileged to be a part of, even if only for a few days, and how they can protect it and exist in it and tread as lightly as possible.

Our guides form an integral part of the education. Not only do most of the guides come from the surrounding communities where they can spread the word, they spend so much time with our guests on a daily basis. As wildlife custodians who take on enormous responsibilities, part of which includes monitoring animal and plant populations and conserving and protecting the wildlife under their care.

On this World Female Ranger Day, we celebrate and support Kapama’s wonderful wildlife Female Guides who are leading the way for other female guides and rangers to follow.

Kapama female ranger

Kapama is proud that currently, we have 7 incredible female guides that form part of our amazing Ranger team with 36 years of collective experience.

Today we celebrate Tsakani, Sonnia and Queen with 2 years’ experience, Sindi with 3 and Lindi with 4 years’ experience and Priscilla with 5 years’ experience. Liezel Holmes, our Safari Manager has an impressive 18 years’ experience in the industry.

Kapama guide Sindi
Kapama Female guide Tsankani

These wonderful women are showing the world and their communities that protecting wildlife is everyone’s responsibility regardless of gender.

Watch our video below where some of our guides share their passions and how their journey to becoming a guide.

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