According to local folklore, a lone lion named Kapama lived on the land. According to the stories, he was no ordinary lion. Not only was he enormous in size, he was also crafty beyond measure. Every young man in the village had pitted their hunting skills against the great beast, but he evaded them at every turn. So good was Kapama in thwarting his prey that the people came to believe he was an ancient king who, through some misdeed, had been condemned to roam the land in animal’s body.

There came a time when there had been no rain for many months, and the people and animals suffered greatly. But the great “king” Kapama knew where to find water and would track the fattest game. The young men of the village, who had grown to revere the old “king”, learned to follow him rather than hunt him, and so were able to feed their tribes. When the rains finally came, it fell on the hard earth in torrents, creating a new river, which was named Kapama. According to legend, the “king” had paid his dues and was never seen again.

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