kapama thulumahashe children’s home trust

The small town of Thulamahashe lies about 40km south of Kapama and at its heart is Thulamahashe Children’s Home, a safe haven for orphaned and abandoned children from the area.

Although the home was designed to accommodate just 12 children, no child in need is ever turned away. Children range from new-born babies to teenagers, all of whom have either been abandoned or born into families who are unable to support them.

At Kapama, we believe that children deserve a chance to achieve their full potential and realise their dreams. Our way of helping to make this happen was to form the Kapama Thulamahashe Children’s Home Trust. Overseen by four trustees and with fully audited financials open for public scrutiny, the trust is in place to empower the kids through both education and ongoing support.

There is a material aspect to how we add value to these young lives, but we also help out with education, from primary school all the way to tertiary education.

If you would like to know more about the Kapama Thulamahashe Children’s Home Trust or how you could become involved, please contact us

Kapama Thulumahashe School
Kapama Thulumahashe School